World Gliding Championships, 1995, Bulletin No. 2

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World Gliding Championships - BULLETIN NO 2

Gliding conditions in the lead-up to the World Gliding Championships at Omarama are exceeding expectations with several international pilots reaching soaring heights that they have never before achieved.

Climbs averaging 1200 feet per minute have been common, with many flying 500 and 600 km tasks day after day in practice. Both thermal and wave conditions have prevailed over the past 14 days. Some pilots have now been in New Zealand for over 6 weeks getting the 'feel' of the local conditions.

Argentinean pilot Mario Reynoso has had an excellent start and got his Diamond height on Thursday reaching 21,000 feet.

In another record, championship meteorologist, Peter Knudsen, taking a leisurely flight late Thursday evening ended up at 35,000 feet at which the temperature was a cool minus 40 degrees centigrade. He was still in 300 feet a minute lift when he broke off to come home.

Pilots register tomorrow and the first official practice days is Sunday January 1. The contest begins on January 7 with an opening ceremony and a Festival of Flight airshow.

Omarama airfield is a colourful scene with a huge marquee dominating the scene and the airfield surrounds filled with gliders, caravans, and tents as contestants and crew set up camp for the next three weeks.

International media have started arriving, including German press representative, Annette Reichmann and the championship radio station has begun broadcasting from the airfield.

Unfortunately South African Pilot, Laurens Goudriaan has had to withdraw, having contracted hepatitis and is unable to travel to New Zealand.

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