World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

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Press release World Gliding Championships				January 10

Patience, good luck and timing paid off for the New Zealanders flying in
the second  day of the World Gliding Championships, resulting in them being
the only finishers in todayUs contest.

Tony van Dyk and Terry Delore were the first home in the standard and
15-metre classes in a day which saw deteriorating weather force the entire
balance of 88 competitors to either land out or return without completing
the set  distance. 

Van  Dyk, flying in the standard class, completed the 331 kilometre
distance in a speed of 62.08 km/h and 15-metre competitor Terry Delore flew
his class distance of 371 kilometres in 68.04 km/hr.
Describing the conditions as a ``day to be patientUU, van Dyk made the most
of the available thermals to achieve several good height gains which
enabled him to push home against the odds.

Delore reckons the only reason he got home is because he tried things he
had never tried before and he was in the right place at the right time when
lift and cloud clearance were available.

There were several times Delore didnUt think he would make it home, but
close ridge soaring along the western side of the final turnpoint enabled
him to gain the height to get home.
``Timing and good luck is about all I can say for today,UU says Delore.

Contest director Bob Henderson says that despite the dayUs high number of
landouts, the winners flew far enough to score maximum points in each
``Although the number of landouts is not desirable, it is not disappointing
because we still got a full performance day,UU he says.
Tonight the crews of the teams are busy driving glider trailers around the
countryside north of Omarama retrieving team members from local paddocks.
Further information Ruth Douglas Press officer World Gliding Championships
Omarama phone (03)438-9482 ext 833

Press release World Championships 	      Jan 10 

Unofficial results as of 10.15pm Tuesday January 10

Only one point separates the leaders in the open class in the World Gliding
Championships at the end of the second competition day in Omarama today,
January 10.

Reigning German open class national champion Robert Schroeder leads with
1951 points from team mate Uli Schwenk with 1950 points after a day in
which only two of the 90 competitors completed the full competition

New Zealander open class national champion, Ray Lynskey lies in fourth
place with 1714 points, ahead of reigning world champion Janusz Centka of
Poland who is fifth overall with 1548 points.

While a 236 point lead is quite comfortable, five pilots placed second
equal today and three 13th equal, so the contest is very tightly fought.
Four times world champion Bruno Gantenbrink, competing as an invited
independent, is lying fourth overall.

New Zealander Terry Delore leads the 15-metre class with 1924 points from
current European champion Stefano Ghiorzo of Italy. German Martin
Theissinger is third overall with 1861 points, only one point behind

Kiwi 15 metre competitor Pat Driessen fared better in his second day of
contest. Scoring zero points yesterday, Driessen shares sixth place with
three other competitors at the end of todayUs contest.

New Zealand has also taken first place in the standard class today with
Terry Delore taking a full 1000 point score for the day and an overall
score of 1903 points.
French ace Gilbert Geraud, joint world 15-metre champion, has taken second
overall at 1878 points in the standard class. Third after today is Swiss
competitor Eduard Inaebnit.

Martyn Wells of Great Britain, winner of the first day, now lies fifth
overall while fellow Brit and current standard class world champion Andrew
David was 28th today - proof of how tough conditions have been.

These results are unofficial and changes may take place overnight.

Further information Ruth Douglas Press officer World Glide Omarama Phone
(03)438-9482 ext 833/834

World Soaring Cup.

After two days of competition Switzerland has gone into the lead as
contenders to win the World Soaring Cup.  They has displaced Finland who
after today have been relegated to third.  Germany is currently second. 
New Zealand has  lifted its position from 9th to 8th.

Further information Ruth Douglas Press officer World Glide Omarama Phone
(03)438-9482 ext 833/834

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Subject: Re: WORLD GLIDE 95 - JANUARY 10
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From: (Bruce Hoult at WorldGlide '95)
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 01:21:52 +1300 (NZDT)
Lines: 8 (JOHN H ROAKE) writes:
> New Zealand has also taken first place in the standard class today with
> Terry Delore taking a full 1000 point score for the day and an overall
> score of 1903 points.

John of course meant to write Tony van Dyk.

-- Bruce

>From Thu Jan 12 11:49:25 1995
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From: (Bruce Hoult at WorldGlide '95)
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 02:28:20 +1300 (NZDT)
Lines: 20 (JOHN H ROAKE) writes:
> The Royal New Zealand Airforce Red Checkers squadron led by Squadron Leader
> Paul Thacker set the airshow rolling, followed by a display by the RNZAF
> Iroquois, a low level flying display by three Fletcher top dressing planes,
> solo glider aerobatics performed by American pilot Bret Willat and French
> pilot and French team member Jacques Aboulin, an airfield attack by the
> Wanaka Alpine Warbirds led by Sir Tim Wallis and a fly past salute by three
> of the New Zealand world championship gliding team.											

John forgot to mention the Hughes 500 aerotowing Bruce Drake in his ASW-20,
doing a high speed, low level pass, climbing to 2000 ft, slowing to a hover
with the glider hanging upside down from its belly hook, and then releasing,
followed by a short aerobatic routine.

He also didn't mention the three Fletchers doing a low speed pass at 200 ft,
during which the lead aircraft suddenly descended, did a short landing to a
full stop, then a short takeoff, and rejoined the formation about 300 m after
it had left it.  Most impressive.

- Bruce

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