World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

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Press release World Gliding Championships     12 January

New Zealanders lie in overall third position in all classes after a
brilliant dayUs soaring in the World Gliding Championships at Omarama today
(Thursday January 12).

Ray Lynskey landed elated, describing the day as a ``fantastic soaring
dayUU after working for  most of the open class distance of 425.5
kilometres with the worldUs leading European pilots.

Lynskey was third for the day and retains his overall third place behind
German team mates Uli Schwenk and Robert Schroeder who are  separated by
only one point. Independent German Bruno Gantenbrink continues superb form,
winning todayUs contest and moving into fourth place overall.

New ZealandUs 15-metre hope, Terry Delore also retains third overall after 
also taking  third position for the dayUUs 426.6 km distance behind Gerard
Lherm of France in second and Stefano Ghiorzo of Italy in first
place.Ghiorzo leads the 15-metre class overall with Martin Theisinger of
Germany in second place and Delore  just 28 points behind in third place.

New ZealandUs Tony van Dyk finished in 11th place in the standard class
today, but still retains his overall third position behind Markku Kuittinen
of Finland second and Martyn Wells of Great Britain first overall.

In a day which favoured the Europeans, New Zealanders proved they can equal
the worldUs best, but the perfect thermal conditions saw Europeans dominate
the placings in the open and 15-metre classes.

American Karl Striedieck bagged his second day win in a row in the standard
class, but the Brits took the next four placings with former world 15-metre
champion Brian Spreckley taking second place for the day.

Results: Open day winners: Bruno Gantenbrink (Independent Germany) 123.22
km/h; Janusz Centka (Poland) 122.54 km/h; Ray Lynskey NZ 122.54 km/h.
15-metre:Stefano Ghiorzo Italy 118.20km/h; Gerard Lherm France 117.56km/h;
Terry Delore NZ 117.221km/h.
Standard:Karl Striedieck USA 109.92 km/h; Brian Spreckley Great Britain
109.39km/h; Martyn Wells Great Britain 108.60km/h

Press release World Gliding Championships 			January 12

As the fourth day of contest launches in the World Gliding Championships
the closest battle is in the Standard Class where just 148 points separates
the first 10 placings.

Great BritainUs Martyn Wells leads with 2700 points but only 27 points
ahead of number two, FinlandUs Markku Kuittinen who is closely followed in
third place by New ZealandUs Tony van Dyk with 2656 points.

Germany is clear leader in the open class with Uli Schwenk and Robert
Schroeder neck and neck with 2941 points and New Zealander Ray Lynskey in
third place, having to chase 290 points to catch them. 

CanterburyUs Terry Delore slipped back into fourth slot in the 15-metre
class yesterday, having been in the lead the day before. ItalyUs Stefano
Ghiorzo leads in the 15-metre (2778) 76 points ahead of GermanyUs Martin
Theisinger in second (2702).  Great BritainUs Justin Wills lies third

Just six points separate the top three teams in the World Cup which is
being contested for the first time ever in the World Championships.

Germany again takes top slot with 2548 points, two points ahead of France
(2544) and four points ahead of Finland in third (2542).

TodayUs contest gets under way at noon and takes pilots on tasks of up to
453 distance, flying to the south then west to Glenorchy, north to Lake
Pukaki, Tekapo and home to Omarama. 
The weather is fine with light variable winds tending to the west. Expected
gliding conditions are for some weak wave in the south, moderate thermals
with scattered cumulus and a maximum temperature of 25-26 degrees in the

Further information contact Ruth Douglas World Gliding Championships
Omarama phone (03) 438-9482 ext 833

 Press Release  (12 January) World Gliding Championships for New Zealand 
morning papers  13 January  

New Zealand  pilots showed  that they can foot it with the worldUs best in
thermal gliding yesterday by  retaining their overall positions in all
classes in a day which favoured the soaring skills of the Europeans in the
World Gliding Championships in Omarama.

Ray Lynskey, Terry Delore and  Tony van Dyk,  flying in the open, 15-metre
and standard classes respectively , each go into todayUs fifth contest day 
in third place.
Lynskey  finished  third in the open class yesterday  behind GermanyUs
independent entry, Bruno Gantenbrink who came first and reigning world
champion Janusz Centka of Poland in second.
An elated Lynskey said it was a fantastic soaring day in which he worked
closely  for most of the day with Centka and the current overall leaders in
the open class, German pair-flying team mates Uli Schwenk and Robert

``Centka caught up with me and then we both caught up with Schwenk and
Schroeder and the four of us were together most of the day,UU said Lynskey.
``It was pretty exciting stuff, those guys are just so brilliant,  but we
were all making much the same decisions as when to leave and when not to
leave the lift. ItUs a very efficient way of flying to have four working in
the sky together.UU 

Lynskey remains in  third place with 3635 points.  Germans Schwenk (3870)
and Schroeder (3869) still lead the open class with just one point
separating them.  German invited pilot Bruno Gantenbrink is currently in
fourth place with 3622 points and Centka trails in fifth with 3392 points.

YesterdayUs superb thermal soaring conditions certainly favoured the
Europeans who are used to these conditions in their home countries.

New ZealandUs Terry Delore also showed  world class skills yesterday in the
15-metre class, flying into third place behind  ItalyUs Stefano Ghiorzo,
first and French pilot Gerard Lherm second.

DeloreUs performance also retains his third place overall with 3639 points,
behind GermanyUs Martin Theisinger (3665) in second and ItalyUs Stefano
Ghiorzo first (3778). French pilot Gilles Navas is in fourth place with
3617 points.

Great Britain shone in the standard class, taking second, third, fourth and
fifth placings for the day behind United States pilot Karl Striedieck who
bagged his second successive day win.  New ZealandUs Tony van Dyk, although
finishing yesterday  in 12th place, has still gained sufficient points to
retain his third overall position.

Great Britain leads overall in the standard class with Martyn Wells on 3677
points, followed by Markku Kuittinen of Finland second (3593), Tony van Dyk
of New Zealand  third (3573) and invited German Reinhard Schramme  fourth

With an expected seven days of competition remaining, New Zealanders
Lynskey, Delore and van Dyk are in relatively comfortable positions to gain
points on the leaders.
Lynskey  is just 135 points behind overallopen class leader Uli Schwenk of
Germany, Delore is 139 points behind 15-metre leader Stefano Ghiorzo of
Italy and van Dyk is 104 points behind standard class leader Martyn Wells
of Great Britain.

Results:Open (452.5km) Bruno Gantenbrink  Independent Germany (Nimbus 4)
123.22km/h; Janusz Centka Poland (ASW22BL) 1122.54km/h; Ray Lynskey New
Zealand (Nimbus 4) 122.54 km/h; Michael Giles Australia (ASW22)119.71km/h;
Jean Denis Barrios France (Nimbus 3D) 119.71km/h.

15m (426.6km) Stefano Ghiorzo Italy   (Ventus 2A) 118.20km/h; Gerard Lherm
France (DG800) 117.56km/h; Terry Delore New Zealand (LS6A) 117.21km/h;
Gilles Navas France (Ventus 2) 117.14km/h; Eric Napoleon France (Ventus 2)
Standard (392.5km) Karl Striedieck USA (ASW24) 109.92km/h; Brian Spreckley
Great Britain (LS8) 109.39km/h; Martyn Wells Great Britain (LS8)
108.06km/h; Steve Jones Great Britain (Discus BT) 107.94 km/hr; Andy Davis
Great Britain  (Discus) 107.81km/h.

Ruth Douglas Press officer World Gliding Championships Omarama phone
(03)438-9482 ext 833


This is a see-saw contest, with less than 30 points covering the first four
soaring nations.  Current leaders are France, Switzerland, Finland, Germany
in that order.

World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995 on

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