World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

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Press release World Gliding Championships           13 January

Sixty-seven pilots failed to complete the distance on day five of the World
Gliding Championships yesterday (Friday),  a day which many describe as the
one of most difficult  they have experienced.

All pilots were accounted for last night and were either returned home by
car by crews or were being put up for the night in homesteads around the
task area. Polish competitor Tomasz Rubaj landed heavily in the Mount Hutt
region and was rescued by helicopter. Rubaj was fine, but his glider
suffered some damage to its wing and tail.

Open class leaders all made it around the 612 kilometre course, but the
Europeans were giving New ZealandUs Ray Lynskey the credit for showing them
the way home through some of the tricky mountain passes along the course.

Lynskey was  fifth home today, within seconds of the Germans, Bruno
Gantenbrink, Uli Schwenk and Robert Schroeder and PolandUs Janusz Centka.
All five pilots remained together for much of the day, but the Europeans
say they were relying on LynskeyUs local knowledge to get them home safely.
New ZealandUs 15-metre and standard class hopefuls, Terry Delore and Tony
van Dyk both landed out and lost their third placings. Delore has dropped
to ninth place, (498 points behind the leader) and van Dyk to eighth place
(263 points behind the leader).
Results:Open Class: Bruno Gantenbrink Independent Germany (1000 pts),
Robert Schroeder Germany (999 pts) Uli Schwenk, Germany (999), Janusz
Centka, Poland (992), Ray Lynskey, NZ (991pts).
Overall placings: Schwenk 4869, Schroeder 4868, Lynskey 4626, Gantenbrink
4622, Centka 4384.
15-metre:Justin Wills Great Britain 1000 pts, Gerard Lherm France 984,
Michael Grund Germany 979, Hans Obermayer Germany 968, Stefano Ghiorzo
Italy 960.
Overall: Ghiorzo (Italy) 4738, Wills (Great Britain)  4587,Navas (France)
4738, Napoleon (France)4545, Lherm (France) 4507.
Standard:Andrew Davis (Great Britain) 1000, Markku Kuittinen (Finland )997,
Karl Striedieck (USA) 938, Jacques Aboulin (France) 933, Brian Spreckley
(Great Britain)917.
Overall:Kuittinen (4590), Davis (4504),Aboulin (4414),Wells
(4411),Striedieck (4395).

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