World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

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Subject: WORLD GLIDE 95, JANUARY 21/1
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Press release World Gliding Championships       21 January

New Zealand's Ray Lynskey from Blenheim is the new world gliding champion
after a spectacular performance in the final race of the World Gliding
Championships in Omarama today  (Saturday January 21) in which he proved
that skill, local experience  and sheer determination were an unbeatable

Heading into today's final contest day  in second place, with 9 points to
gain to win over Germany's Uli Schwenk, 39-year-old Lynskey says he knew
he had no choice but to cut his margins, push hard and go for gold.

Winning with ease, Lynskey , flying a Nimbus Four, completed the 524
kilometres in an average speed of 126.58 km/h, 55 minutes ahead of
Schwenk. This has increased Lynskey's points to a comfortable  lead of 300
points over Schwenk who finished in fifth place today but is runner-up for
the title, while team mate Robert Schroeder is third.

Early in the race Lynskey  could not shake off the close-hugging German
Robert Schroeder, but after the final turn for home, Lynskey  reckons he
knew he had the title in the bag because there wasn't a German in sight.

``I put the nose down, went along the ridge and there is nothing faster
than you could do. I didn't believe they (the Germans) could do anything
better to get to that turn than I had done.''
This is Lynskey's fifth world championship, but his first world title. He
says it will be his last and he has no intention of defending his world
title in France in 1997. ``This is a oncer, that's it. There's other
things to do.''
The 15-metre and standard classes were closely fought to the finish line.
Reigning 15-metre world champion Eric Napoleon of France has successfully
defended his title, winning the  class from Great Britain's Justin Wills
second and Gilles Navas third.
However  New Zealanders Terry Delore and Nigel McPhee took the line
honours for today's race, finishing first and second respectively.  This
was Delore's fourth day-win in the championships, but inconsistent
performances have cost him the chance of a world title.
Markku Kuittenin of Finland  is the new standard class champion, managing
to hold onto first place in the  standard class.


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