World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

Last Update: 5-January-1995

This information was sent to me directly from New Zealand by Bruce Hoult.

Subject: WorldGlide tasks day P5, Jan 5

Weather Forecast

Situation: An antcyclone centre is moving slowly eastwards over the central
North Island.  A weak front is expected to brush the south of the South
Island during the day.

Forecast: Genrally fine.  Some light rain possible in the SW of the
contest area especially early afternoon.

Soaring: Moderate thermals developing mainly about the ranges and with
only isolated CU.  Weak to moderate wave to about FL160 although weak
wave possible to high levels.

Winds 5 to 10 knots, stronger in the south.


Standard: Wardells, Cromwell, Hawea, Forks Stream, Omarama;      310 Km
15m     : Quailburn, Alexandra, Hawea, Forks Stream, Omarama;    342 Km
Open    : Quailburn, Roxburgh, Hawea, Mt Hayes Station, Omarama; 419 Km

World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995 on

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