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Lamanai is a Mesoamerican archaeological site, and was once a major city of the Maya civilization, located in the north of Belize, in Orange Walk District. The site's name is pre-Columbian, recorded by early Spanish missionaries, and documented over a millennium earlier in Maya inscriptions as Lam'an'ain. Lamanai is renowned for its exceptionally long occupation spanning three millennia, beginning in the Early Preclassic Maya period and continuing through the Spanish and British Colonial periods, into the 20th century. Unlike most Classic-period sites in the southern Maya lowlands, Lamanai was not abandoned at the end of the 10th century CE.

Belize Lamanai Site Map
Site Map of Lamanai from Guide to Belize

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Jaguar Temple
Jaguar Temple. (1.6M)
Jaguar Temple
Jaguar Temple. (1.5M)
Steep Stairs Jaguar Temple
Steep stairs on the Jaguar Temple. (1.6M)
Temple 10-27
Temple 10-27. (1.8M)
Temple 10-27 Stele 9
Temple 10-27 with Stele 9. (1.7M)
Structure 10-43 High Temple
Structure 10-43 "High Temple". It is 33 m (108 ft) high. (1.6M)
View High Temple Towards
View from the High Temple towards the New River. (1041k)
Ball Court
Ball court. (1448k)
Structure N9-56 Mask Temple
Structure N9-56 "Mask Temple". (1472k)
Mask Temple
Mask Temple. (1.5M)
Mask Mask Temple
Mask on the Mask Temple. (1313k)
Mask Mask Temple
Mask on the Mask Temple. (1311k)
Marker Hieroglyphics Left See
Marker with hieroglyphics. On the left you can see the number 12 (2 bars, 5 each and 2 dots). (1181k)
Maya Stele Human Figure
Maya stele with human figure with elaborate headdress. (696k)
Late Preclassic Pottery Vessel
Late Preclassic pottery vessel. (832k)
Mayan Pottery Vessel
Mayan pottery vessel. (785k)

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