I had a lot of beautiful sunrises ans sunsets on this trip. Here are some pictures of the landscape and sunrises and sunsets.

The Okavango Delta is a seasonally flooded delta with lots of wildlife. The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tour was in tents. Below are some pictures showing the very comfortable accommodations.

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.

Miscellaneous Pictures from Botswana

Okavango Delta Air
The Okavango Delta from the air. (718k)
Okavango Delta Air
The Okavango Delta from the air. (610k)
Full Moon Botswana
Full moon in Botswana. (720k)
Moon Over Delta Botswana
Moon over the Delta in Botswana. (844k)
Sunset Botswana
Sunset in Botswana. (504k)
Sunset Botswana
Sunset in Botswana. (543k)
Before Sunrise Botswana
Before sunrise in Botswana. (723k)
Sunrise Botswana
Sunrise in Botswana. (783k)
Sunrise Botswana
Sunrise in Botswana. (930k)
Dead Trees Delta Major
Dead trees in the Delta. A major flood had killed many of the trees a few years ago. (767k)
Dead Trees Delta
Dead trees in the Delta. (1031k)
Lake Khwai Region Lots
Lake in the Khwai region with lots of birds. (1273k)
Rock Paintings Chobe National
Rock paintings in the Chobe National Park. (1008k)
Canoe Excursion
Canoe excursion. (793k)
Local Village
Local village. (1186k)
Airstrip Okavango Delta
Airstrip in the Okavango Delta. (858k)
Airplane Took Maun Okavango
The airplane that took me from Maun to the Okavango Delta. (895k)
Bridge Okavango Delta Dry
A bridge in the Okavango Delta. It was dry season, so the water was not very high. (654k)
Kind Roads We Driving
These were the kind of roads we were driving on throughout the safari. (891k)
Changing Flat Tire
Changing a flat tire. (1095k)
Car Stuck Couldn't Forward
The car was stuck and couldn't go forward. The crew cut the bushes behind it and backed the car down the hill and back on the road. (1.5M)
Caution Elephant Crossing
Caution, elephant crossing. (505k)
Traffic Jam Leopard
Traffic jam at the leopard. (932k)
Camp Dining Tent Foreground
The camp with the dining tent in the foreground and the individual tents in the back. The car was used for all the game drives. (1472k)
Inside Tent Had Comfortable
Inside my tent. I had a comfortable bed. The tent was high enough to stand. (777k)
Shower Behind Tent Crew
The shower behind my tent. The crew would fill the bucket with hot water. Showers were in the afternoon, it was too cold in the morning. (963k)
Toilet Behind Tent
The toilet behind my tent. (768k)
Wildlife Really Close Our
Wildlife was really close to our camp. This elephant walked past out tents maybe 20 m (70 ft) away. One night a lion walked within 50 m (160 ft) of our camp. (834k)

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