We did a lot of driving in Cameroon. Many of the roads are unpaved. They are generally in very bad shape due to the endless stream of big trucks. We drove about 1,000 km (600 miles) on these dirt roads. I wear a Fitbit watch that counts steps. On one day we drove for 12.5 hours on these roads. My Fitbit counted over 35,000 steps due to the tremendous, constant, shaking in the car.

All goods are moved by trucks, so big trucks are everywhere. On the roads to Douala there is an endless stream of big logging trucks with huge logs. One big truck holds only 3-6 of these big logs.

Houses in local villages are mostly sticks, plastered with mud. I visited a Baka village to watch a dance performance and a demonstration of how they set traps in the forest.

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On the road

Rutted Dirt Road Worst
Rutted dirt road. These were some of the worst roads that I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot in Africa. (860k)
Truck Traffic Dirt Road
Truck traffic on a dirt road. Visibility gets real low around such traffic. (658k)
All Vegetation Along Dirt
All the vegetation along the dirt roads is covered with dust. Only new leaves are bright green. (1406k)
Way Lobéké National Park
On the way to the Lobéké National Park. (1421k)
Traffic Douala
Traffic in Douala. (761k)
Traffic Douala
Traffic in Douala. (805k)
Traffic Yaoundé Motorcycles Vests
Traffic in Yaoundé. The motorcycles with vests are motorcycle taxis. (717k)
Loaded Motorcycle
Loaded motorcycle. (752k)
Traffic Yaoundé Yaoundé Douala
Traffic in Yaoundé. Yaoundé and Douala had lots of car taxis, as well as the more common motorcycle taxis. Outside of the big cities, there were few car taxis. (598k)
Cars Transported
This was one of the cars that I was transported in. (816k)
Diesel Cars Trucks Produced
Many of the diesel cars and trucks produced copious amounts of black smoke. (770k)
Big Cattle Transport Truck
Big cattle transport truck. (794k)
Logging Trucks Huge Logs
Logging trucks with huge logs. (570k)
Logging Truck Rear Wheel
Logging truck. The rear wheel chassis can be removed and loaded on the tractor for the return trip to the logging operation. (633k)
Folded-up Logging Trucks Way
One of the folded-up logging trucks on the way back to the logging operation. (708k)
Speed Bumps
Speed bumps. (700k)
Speed Bumps Huge
Some of the speed bumps where huge. (607k)
Charcoal Sale Along Road
Charcoal for sale along the road. These big bags of charcoal for sale were everywhere. (650k)
Car Corpses Everywhere
Car corpses were everywhere. (856k)
Views Like Overturned Truck
Views like this overturned truck were common. (823k)
Hotel Room Running Water
Hotel room. There was no running water, and the toilet doesn't have a seat. (613k)


Produce Vendors Along Road
Produce vendors along the road. (636k)
School Children Way Home
School children on the way home. (792k)
People Usually Carry Stuff
People usually carry stuff on their heads. (781k)
Local Youths Playing Foosball
Local youths playing foosball. (764k)
Woman Child Baka Village
Woman and child in the Baka village. (734k)
Woman Child Dance Performance
Woman and child in the dance performance. (1101k)
Young Child Watching Dance
Young child watching the dance performance. (913k)
Dance Group Baka Village
Dance group in the Baka village. (1289k)
Musicians Village Baka People
Musicians in a village of the Baka people. (1217k)
Dancers Baka Village
Dancers in the Baka village. (1404k)
Old Dancer Baka Village
Old dancer in the Baka village. (1243k)
Dancer Baka Village
Dancer in the Baka village. (1239k)
Old Dancer Baka Village
Old dancer in the Baka village. (1261k)
Woman Dance Group Baka
Woman in the dance group in the Baka village. (587k)
Woman Dance Group Baka
Woman in the dance group in the Baka village, clapping and chanting. (771k)
Drummer Having Great Time
This drummer was having a great time. (676k)
Close-up Solo Dancers
Close-up of one of the solo dancers. (692k)
Dancer Worked Quite Sweat
This dancer worked up quite a sweat. (673k)
Kids Pygmy Village
Kids in the Pygmy village. (924k)
People Pygmy Village Almost
People in the Pygmy village. They are almost a foot shorter that people from other villages. (1028k)
Man Showing Set Traps
Man showing how they set up traps. (1402k)
Trap. (1472k)
Close-up Trap
Close-up of a trap. (1407k)
Gold Mine All Done
Gold mine. It is all done with manual labor, washing the sand. (1063k)

Villages and towns

Local Pygmy Village
Local Pygmy village. (1201k)
Local Pygmy Village
Local Pygmy village. (999k)
Local Settlement
Local settlement. (838k)
Local House Baka Village
Local house in the Baka village. (1068k)
Local Village Dry Cassava
Local village. They dry cassava on plates on the roof. (1015k)
Local Village Locals Put
Local village. The locals put dried cassava up for sale on high platforms, to protect it from goats. (980k)
Houses Along Road Dense
Houses along the road with dense forest behind them. (1113k)
Local House Houses Away
Local house. Most houses away from the cities look like that. (1159k)
Local House Graves Front
Local house with graves in front. Many houses had the graves of the family next to them. (740k)
View Part Yaoundé Everything
View of a part of Yaoundé. Everything is covered with the dust from the roads. (809k)

German colonial fortress in Doumé

German Cameroon (German spelling: Kamerun) was an African colony of the German Empire from 1884 to 1916 in the region of today's Republic of Cameroon. German Cameroon also included northern parts of Gabon and the Congo with western parts of the Central African Republic, southwestern parts of Chad and far eastern parts of Nigeria. The fortress in Doumé was build between 1903 and 1911. It now houses a school.

South Side Fortress Main
South side of the fortress with the main gate. (936k)
East Side Fortress
East side of the fortress. (962k)
West Side Fortress
West side of the fortress. (699k)
Gate Fortress South Side
Gate of the fortress on the south side. (1005k)
Southeast Corner Fortress
Southeast corner of the fortress. (966k)
View Interior Fortress
View of the interior of the fortress. (1037k)
School Rooms Interior Fortress
School rooms in the interior of the fortress. (804k)

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