I did not meet many people. And when I saw local people, they didn't want to have their pictures taken.

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Daily Life and Agriculture

Soursop (Annona muricata)
Soursop fruit (Annona muricata, german: Stachelannone, french: Corossolier). (876k)
Hot Peppers Market
Hot peppers in the market. (829k)
Dried Fish Market
Dried fish in the market. (896k)
Bush Meat Market
Bush meat in the market. (792k)
Fisherman Congo River Next
Fisherman on the Congo River next to the rapids. (561k)
Doing Laundry Congo River
Doing laundry in the Congo River. (588k)


Local Houses
Local houses. (802k)
Local House
Local house. (801k)
Local Houses
Local houses. (895k)
Cabin Ngaga Lodge
Cabin in the Ngaga Lodge. (1035k)
Dining Area Ngaga Lodge
Dining area in the Ngaga Lodge. (882k)
Bar Area Ngaga Lodge
Bar area in the Ngaga Lodge. (880k)
Lango Lodge
Lango Lodge. (729k)
Mboko Lodge
Mboko Lodge. (622k)
Mboko Lodge Rain
Mboko Lodge in the rain. (710k)


Kayaks Our Way Lango
In kayaks on our way to Lango Camp. (747k)
Our Way Lango Camp
On our way to Lango Camp. It was too shallow for the kayaks. From here on we walked through water and mud. (595k)
Our Two Guides Pulling
Our two guides pulling our boat over a shallow area. (666k)
Let 410 Charter Plane
LET 410 charter plane that brought us from Brazzaville to Mboko. (644k)

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