Terre-de-Haut is a commune in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, including Terre-de-Haut Island and a few other small uninhabited islands of the archipelago. Fort Napoléon is located on the island of Terre-de-Haut. I walked up to the Fort, which has a scenic view over Terre-de-Haut.

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View Harbor Terre-de-haut Fort
View of the harbor of Terre-de-Haut from Fort Napoléon. (795k)
View Terre-de-haut Town Fond-du-curé
View of Terre-de-Haut with the town of Fond-du-Curé. (624k)
Town Fond-du-curé Couple Luxury
Town of Fond-du-Curé with a couple of luxury yachts docked at the pier. (725k)
View Baie Du Marigot
View of the Baie du Marigot. (775k)
View Baie Du Marigot
View of the Baie du Marigot. (1419k)
View Fort Napoléon Across
View from Fort Napoléon across the straight to Guadeloupe. (657k)
Old Canons Still Good
These old canons are still good for something  :-) (790k)

Fort Napoléon

View Fort Napoléon Harbor
View of Fort Napoléon from the harbor. (887k)
Fort Napoléon
Fort Napoléon. (893k)
Main Building Fort Napoléon
Main building in Fort Napoléon. (967k)
Massive Walls Fort Napoléon
Massive walls of Fort Napoléon. (1023k)
Massive Walls Moat Fort
Massive walls and moat of Fort Napoléon. (1199k)
Buildings Fort Napoléon Need
One of the buildings at Fort Napoléon in need of repair. (933k)
Mortar Fort Napoléon
Mortar on Fort Napoléon. (1217k)
Can't Too Careful Fort
You can't be too careful in the Fort. (616k)

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