Unfortunately, I didn't see any larger animals, other than a Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger, german: Mohrenkaiman, french: Caïman noir) and a brief glimpse of an Ocelot. Here are some of the pictures of the non-avian fauna and flora of Guyana.

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View Savanna Pacaraima Mountain
View of the savanna from Pacaraima Mountain, near Annai. (722k)
View Rainforest Turtle Mountain
View of the rainforest from Turtle Mountain, near the Iwokrama Lodge. (791k)
Rainforest Along Burro Burro
Rainforest along the Burro Burro River, near the Surama Lodge. (1012k)
Rainforest View Flowering Trees
Rainforest view with flowering trees in the distance. (1048k)
Along Essequibo River
Along the Essequibo River. (505k)
Kurupukari Falls Essequibo River
Kurupukari Falls in the Essequibo River. (851k)
Sunset Over Savanna Rock
Sunset over the savanna at the Rock View Lodge. (401k)
Kaieteur Falls
Kaieteur Falls. (824k)
Kaieteur Falls
Kaieteur Falls. (886k)
Downstream Kaieteur Falls
Downstream of the Kaieteur Falls. (777k)


Mushrooms. (795k)
Young Leaves Of Smaller
Young leaves of most of the smaller plants are red. They become green later. (1033k)
Creeping Vine Tree
Creeping vine on a tree. (1181k)
Giant Heliconias
Giant Heliconias. (1.5M)
Heliconia sp.
Heliconia flower (Heliconia sp., german: Helikonien:Genus). (597k)
Vriesea splendens
Flaming Sword (Vriesea splendens). (1094k)
Brocchinia micrantha
Giant Bromeliad (Brocchinia micrantha). (1296k)
Clusia grandiflora
Kufa (Clusia grandiflora). (1473k)
Clusia grandiflora
Kufa (Clusia grandiflora) flower. (633k)
Clusia grandiflora
Kufa (Clusia grandiflora) fruit. (668k)
Drosera kaieteurensis
Kaieteur Sundew (Drosera kaieteurensis, german: Kaieteur Sonnentau), a carnivorous plant, endemic to the Kaieteur area. (1.5M)
Yellow Sap Oozing Root
Yellow sap oozing out of a root. It is used as glue by the local people. (1045k)
Tree Air Roots
Tree with air roots. (1417k)
Socratea exorrhiza
Walking Palm (Socratea exorrhiza, german: Wanderpalme, french: Palmier marcheur). (1464k)
Tree Lots Liana Air
Tree with lots of liana air roots. (1274k)
Mora excelsa
Sand Mora (Mora excelsa). (1157k)
Hollow Tree
Hollow tree. (1270k)
Huge Liana
Huge liana. (1406k)
Manilkara bidentata
Balatá Tree (Manilkara bidentata, german: Balatabaum, french: Balata franc). It produces a natural rubber that is harvested. (1256k)
Liana Rotates Counterclockwise Looking
This liana rotates counterclockwise when looking up. This is unusual, most lianas turn the other way. (1443k)


Leafcutter Ants Trail
Leafcutter ants trail. (1273k)
Leafcutter Ants Colony
Leafcutter ants colony. (1103k)
Ants Note Large Soldier
Ants. Note the large soldier with the big pincers. (805k)
Ants Coming Table Surrounded
ants were coming up on my table and surrounded spills from my juice drink. (669k)
Termites Building Covered Walkway
Termites were building a covered walkway across the road. (1122k)
Paraponera clavata
Bullet Ant (Paraponera clavata, german: 24-Stunden-Ameise). (815k)
Ant Lion Traps
Ant lion traps. (1173k)
Tree Ants Nest
Tree with ants nest. (1213k)
Nest Black Bees
Nest of black bees. (1359k)
Termite Nest
Termite nest. (1174k)
Pterodictya reticularis
Wax-tailed Planthopper (Pterodictya reticularis, german: Spitzkopfzikaden). (1240k)
Megasoma actaeon
Actaeon Beetle (Megasoma actaeon). (1007k)
Cricket. (843k)
Tropidacris cristata
Giant Red-winged Grasshopper (Tropidacris cristata). (955k)
Click Beetle Glowing Spots
Click beetle with glowing spots. It was amazing how bright its spots glowed. (946k)
Large Spider
Large spider. (765k)
Millipede. (804k)
Dragon Fly Creating Wave
Dragon fly creating wave patterns on the water from its wing beat. (724k)
Eumorpha sp.
Large Sphinx moth (Eumorpha sp.). We found it through the reflection of our search light in its eyes. (547k)
Morpho menelaus
Menelaus Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho menelaus, french: Morpho bleu). (953k)
Social Caterpillars Never Seen
Social caterpillars. I have never seen anything similar. There were about 50 caterpillars huddled together. (826k)
Swarm Wasps Had Landed
A swarm of wasps had landed on a bush in front of my room. A few minutes later they took off again. (784k)
Frog. (800k)
Leptodactylus pentadactylus
Smoky Jungle Frog (Leptodactylus pentadactylus). (677k)
Hemidactylus palaichthus
Antilles Leaf-toed Gecko (Hemidactylus palaichthus). (490k)
Tropidurus hispidus
Peter's Lava Lizard (Tropidurus hispidus). (750k)
Ameiva ameiva
Giant Ameiva (Ameiva ameiva, german: Grüne Ameive, french: Ameive commun). (968k)
Iguana iguana
Green Iguana (Iguana iguana, german: Grüner Leguan, french: Iguane vert). (926k)
Podocnemis expansa
Giant South American Turtle (Podocnemis expansa, french: Arrau). (590k)
Chelonoidis carbonarius
Red-footed Tortoise (Chelonoidis carbonarius, german: Köhlerschild­kröte, french: Tortue charbonnière à pattes rouges). (792k)
Dasyprocta leporina
Red-rumped Agouti (Dasyprocta leporina, french: Agouti doré). (724k)
Melanosuchus niger
Black Caiman (Melanosuchus niger, german: Mohrenkaiman, french: Caïman noir). (629k)
Black Caiman
Black Caiman. (316k)
Small Bat
Small bat. (651k)
Ateles paniscus
Red-faced Spider Monkey (Ateles paniscus, german: Rotgesichtklammer­affe, french: Singe-araignée commun) with a baby on her back. (781k)
Alouatta macconnelli
Guyanan Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta macconnelli, german: Guyana-Brüllaffe, french: Singe hurleur roux). (1082k)

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