During my visit to Hungary I had the chance to visit a small airport just outside of Budapest. A colleague from Konkoly Observatory is in the glider club at that airport and he showed me around. They had some kind of Open House at that airport on that day. They were giving rides in their Lisunov Li-2, the Russian version of the DC-3, an Antonov AN-2, one of the world's biggest single-engined production biplanes, and a Polycarpov PO-2, a 20's era large Russian biplane. I got a ride in a Cessna 150 to see some of Budapest and the surrounding area from the air. I also got a ride in a glider for almost 1 hour. Soaring was pretty good on that day. We took a winch launch, found a thermal right away and got up several thousand feet. It was a great day, beautiful weather and nice people. Following are some pictures from that airport. They include pictures of the Góbé and Cimbora. These two gliders were designed by Ernő Rubik Sr., father of the Ernő Rubik of Rubik's Cube fame.

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Scenes at the airport

Glider Operations
Glider operations. (362k)
Getting Glider Into Position
Getting the glider into position for launch. (321k)
Airport Car Pulling Winch
Airport car for pulling the winch tow cable. (327k)
Góbé R-26b Glider
Góbé R-26b glider. (347k)
Winch Launch Begins
Winch launch begins. (240k)
Glider Winch Tow
Glider on winch tow. (135k)
Glider Final Spoilers Extended
Glider on final with spoilers extended. (130k)
Landing Glider
Landing glider. (276k)
Back Glider Flight
Back from a glider flight. (310k)
Wilga Tow Plane
Wilga tow plane. (285k)
Wilga Tow Plane
Wilga tow plane. (321k)
Airplane Tow Begins
Airplane tow begins. (193k)
Wilga Taking Off Glider
Wilga taking off with glider in tow. (200k)
Retrieving Glider After Landing
Retrieving glider after landing. (312k)
Wilga Landing
Wilga landing. (146k)
Cimbora R-11b Glider
Cimbora R-11b glider. (277k)
Closeup Cimbora R-11b
Closeup of the Cimbora R-11b. (272k)
Motor Glider
Motor glider. (256k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Engine
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) engine run-up. (297k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Kármán
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) Kármán Tódor. (265k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Position
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) in position for takeoff. (311k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Position
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) in position for takeoff. (308k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Ready
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) ready for takeoff. (272k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Flight
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) in flight. (111k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Short
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) on short final. (186k)
Lisunov Li-2 Dc-3 Po-2
Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) and PO-2 in formation takeoff. (125k)
Row Antonovs
Row of Antonovs. (267k)
Antonov An-2
Antonov AN-2. (286k)
Antonov An-2
Antonov AN-2. (249k)
Antonov An-2 Short Final
Antonov AN-2 on short final. (166k)
Antonov An-2 Landing
Antonov AN-2 landing. (249k)
Po-2 Taking Off
PO-2 taking off. (294k)
PO-2. (323k)
Po-2 Climbing
PO-2 climbing out. (114k)
Pilatus. (236k)
Zlin 526 Downwind
Zlin 526 on downwind. (126k)
Mig Display
MIG on display. (338k)
Parachute Jumper Landing
Parachute jumper landing. (127k)

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