I don't have many pictures of just nature in Ireland, I concentrated more on the historical things.

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Nature in Ireland

Irish Country Side
Irish country side. (708k)
Hills Lakes Boyle
Hills and lakes near Boyle. (800k)
Stone Walls Ring Fields
Stone walls ring many fields and pastures. (849k)
Stairs Over Stone Walls
Stairs over one of the stone walls around a field. (1191k)
Lake South Side Mor
Lake on the south side of Mor Choaird Bheara (the Beara Peninsula), a very scenic part of Ireland. (659k)
View Mor Choaird Bheara
View of Mor Choaird Bheara (the Beara Peninsula). (846k)
Scenic Afternoon Water
Scenic afternoon on the water. (688k)

Flora in Ireland

Heath Flowers
Heath flowers. (816k)
Heath Flowers
Heath flowers. (515k)
Fuchsia. (609k)
Falling Stars (Crocosmia aurea)
Falling Stars, also called Montbretia (Crocosmia aurea, german: Gold-Montbretie). (736k)

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