Some people in Ireland are friendly, others were not so welcoming, as I described on the main page for Ireland. I certainly liked the Irish music. I had an ejoyable evening with Irish music.

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Villages and Towns

View Kinsale County Cork
View of Kinsale, County Cork. (822k)
Coastal Village South Coast
Coastal village on the south coast of County Cork. (1068k)
Typical Busy Village Street
A typical busy village street. (841k)
Yachts Harbor Kinsale County
Yachts in the harbor of Kinsale, County Cork. As usual it was raining. (1239k)
Need Satellite Tv Even
You need your satellite TV, even in a camper. (839k)

Irish Music

Traditional Irish Music Local
Traditional Irish music in the local pub. (1.9M)
Musician. (1.7M)
Young Fiddle Player Probably
Young fiddle player. He was probably around 15 years old. (1.8M)
Musician Playing Bodhran Irish
Musician playing the Bodhran, the Irish drum. (1.8M)
Telling Stories Jokes
He was telling stories and jokes. (1.9M)
Locals Pub
Locals in the pub. (1.6M)

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