Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Display Centre in Al Ahmadi includes information explaining the story of oil discovery in Kuwait. KOC Display Centre was founded in 1956 aiming to give its visitors the opportunity to have a tour through which they can gain information about the company and its production operations. The display center then was simply telling the story of oil through photos, statistics, and documentations. The Display Centre was developed, renewed and expanded in 1965, 1978, and 1996 to match the expansion of the company's operations and its increasing production.

In 2008 the Display Center was updated and renewed once again, thus giving more comprehensive picture about KOC and its Operations, in addition to some idea about the technologies used in oil and natural gas production as well as oil facilities affiliated to the company. The Display Center also includes a section for documenting the events of the defunct Iraqi regime invasion and the biggest environmental disaster it caused in modern history by burning of Kuwait oil fields.

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Oil in Kuwait

Pumpjack Display Center
Pumpjack in the display center. (625k)
Well Head Display Center
Well head in the display center. (871k)
Large Valve
Large valve. (661k)
Drill Bit Beginning Drill
Drill bit for the beginning drill (15 m (49 ft)). (997k)
Drill Bit Further Drilling
Drill bit for further drilling (80 m (260 ft)). (998k)
Drill Bit Deep Drilling
Drill bit for deep drilling (%gt; 1,000 m (3,300 ft)). (879k)
Large Oil Storage Tanks
Large oil storage tanks. (619k)

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