This page has pictures of people in Nepal and their activities.

I was in Nepal during the fifteen-day festival called Dashain. There were signs of this festival everywhere. One part of the festival traditions are the large swings constructed from bamboo poles.

Religious worship is apparent everywhere. You can often seen people who stop at a shrine or temple and pray. Hindu temples are everywhere.

I saw a couple of dance performances of local dances.

The rice harvest was in full swing during my time there. All the processing of the harvest is done on the streets in the towns and villages.

As is usual in India, most of the shopping is done in small local stores and on the streets.

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Relaxing Texting Steps Ancient
Relaxing and texting on the steps of an ancient temple. (841k)
Playing Temple Steps
Playing on the temple steps. (1006k)
Youngsters Playing Cards
Youngsters playing cards. (1186k)
Mother School Children
Mother with school children. (856k)
School Children
School children. (713k)
School Girl
School girl. (749k)
Doing Homework
Doing homework. (839k)
Relaxing Hookah Water Pipe
Relaxing with a Hookah, a water pipe. (968k)
Relaxing. (796k)
Playing Cards
Playing cards. (683k)
Children Playing
Children playing. (912k)
Children Playing
Children playing. (925k)
Children Concentrating Play
Children concentrating on their play. (760k)
Large Swing Set Festival
Large swing, set up for the festival. (791k)
Swinging Large Swing Set
Swinging on a large swing, set up for the festival. (1172k)
Kids Swinging
Kids swinging. (991k)
Going Festival
Going to the festival. (858k)
Buddhist Monk Circling Stupa
Buddhist monk circling the Stupa. (848k)
Buddhist Monk Stupa
Buddhist monk at the Stupa. (911k)
Hindu Worshiper
Hindu worshiper. (912k)
Baby Crib
Baby crib. (757k)
Kids. (1068k)
Little Girl
Little girl. (817k)
Smiling Little Girl
Smiling little girl. (908k)
Little Girl Beautiful Smile
Little girl with a beautiful smile. (844k)
Woman Traditional Dress
Woman in traditional dress. (790k)
Mother Child
Mother with child. (810k)
Old Man
Old man. (1093k)
Old Man
Old man. (783k)
Old Woman
Old woman. (791k)

Dance Performances

Dance Performance
Dance performance. (474k)
Dance Performance
Dance performance. (634k)
Dance Performance
Dance performance. (398k)
Dance Performance
Dance performance. (442k)
Drummers Dance Performance
Drummers at the dance performance. (719k)
Dancers. (557k)
Dancer. (400k)
Dance Performance
Dance performance. (667k)
Dancer. (812k)
Male Dancer
Male dancer. (758k)
Close-up Dancer
Close-up of a dancer. (399k)
Drummer. (523k)


Typical House Annapurna Range
Typical house with the Annapurna Range in the background. (714k)
Small Restaurant Decorated Festival
Small restaurant, decorated for the festival. (1023k)
Local Houses Chitwan
Local houses in Chitwan. (1052k)
Satellite Tv Small Village
Satellite TV in a small village. (811k)
Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian bridge. (1105k)
Storing Corn
Storing corn. (1335k)
Storage Local House
Storage at a local house. (1012k)
Large Balance Scale Front
Large balance scale in front of a shop. (1077k)
People Clean Front Door
People clean the front door steps and the street in front of the house and put up small offerings to get good luck for the house. (785k)
Quite Bit Garbage Streets
There was quite a bit of garbage on the streets, especially in and around Kathmandu. (1157k)


Bakery Large Scale
Bakery with large scale. (901k)
Fish Sale
Fish for sale. (679k)
Vegetable Store
Vegetable store. (872k)
Roadside Vegetable Stands
Roadside vegetable stands. (865k)
Selling Fruit
Selling fruit. (761k)
Cobbler Shop Street
Cobbler shop on the street. (951k)
Pottery Factory Wheels Turning
Pottery factory with wheels for turning pots. The wheel is turned by hand. The pots are then fired in the kiln for four days. (991k)
Unusual Anvil Hammering Sheet
Unusual anvil for hammering sheet metal. (725k)
Hand Painting
Hand painting. (592k)
Hand Painting
Hand painting. (1138k)
Intricate Hand Painting
Intricate hand painting. (1082k)
Very Detailed Hand Painting
Very detailed hand painting. (878k)
Hand Painting Gold
Hand painting in gold. (1126k)
Very Detailed Hand Painting
Very detailed hand painting in gold. (1111k)
Tourist Trinkets Sale
Tourist trinkets for sale. (896k)
Provide Electronic Visa Applications
They will provide electronic visa applications for a USA visa. (804k)
Brick Factory Lot Kathmandu
Brick factory. There were a lot of them in the Kathmandu valley. (931k)


Bringing Construction Material Swayambhunath
Bringing construction material to Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple). (1165k)
Women Way Work
Women on the way to work. (1136k)
Making Millet Wine
Making millet wine. (1159k)
Distilling Pots Millet Wine
Distilling pots for millet wine. (917k)
Lower Pot If Millet
Lower pot if the millet wine distillery. (745k)
Upper Pot If Millet
Upper pot if the millet wine distillery, upside-down. (660k)
Community Well Bhaktapur
Community well in Bhaktapur. (925k)
Fetching Spring Water
Fetching spring water. (906k)
Doing Laundry River
Doing laundry on the river. (1193k)
Doing Laundry River
Doing laundry on the river. (879k)
Doing Laundry Community Well
Doing laundry on the community well. (821k)
Rice Field Terraces
Rice field terraces. (957k)
Rice Field Terraces Langtang
Rice field terraces with the Langtang Range in the background. (735k)
Rice Harvest
Rice harvest. (1229k)
Rice Straw Collected Field
Rice straw collected in the field. It is used for feeding livestock. (733k)
Processing Rice Harvest
Processing the rice harvest. (892k)
Threshing Winnowing
Threshing and winnowing. (857k)
Turning Over Drying Harvest
Turning over the drying harvest (millet and rice). (1077k)
Separating Grains Chaff
Separating grains from chaff. (1075k)
Separating Grains Chaff
Separating grains from chaff. (859k)
Drying Harvest
Drying the harvest. (858k)
Drying Harvest Front Vishnu
Drying the harvest in front of a Vishnu temple with two Garudas. (871k)
Chicken Feeding Drying Harvest
Chicken feeding on the drying harvest. I guess they can't eat all that much, so they are not chased away. (1083k)


Dugout Canoe Chitwan National
Dugout canoe in Chitwan National Park. (582k)
Pedestrian Bridge
Pedestrian bridge. (795k)
Carrying Load Use Band
Carrying a load. They use a band around the load and over the forehead. The load is on the forehead and on the back. (865k)
Woman Carrying Huge Load
Woman carrying huge load. (1128k)
Woman Carrying Load
Woman carrying a load. (1431k)
Traditional Way Carrying Loads
Traditional way of carrying loads in Nepal. (1090k)
Bicycle Rickshaw
Bicycle rickshaw. (853k)
Colorful Bicycle Rickshaw
Colorful bicycle rickshaw. (833k)
Horse-drawn Cart
Horse-drawn cart. (697k)
Motorcycles Everywhere
Motorcycles were everywhere. (698k)
Traffic Kathmandu
Traffic in Kathmandu. (896k)
Quite Truck
Not quite a truck. (857k)
Three-wheeled Small Bus Kathmandu
Three-wheeled small bus in Kathmandu. (847k)
Loaded Truck
Loaded truck. (987k)
Loaded Truck
Loaded truck. (710k)
Colorfully Decorated Truck Trucks
Colorfully decorated truck. Many trucks were very colorfully decorated. (1015k)
Polluting Truck Kathmandu Valley
Polluting truck. The Kathmandu valley is quite polluted from traffic. (658k)
Local Bus
Local bus. (932k)
Typically Loaded Local Bus
Typically loaded local bus. (1054k)
School Bus
School bus. (762k)
Not for locals. (764k)
Quite Few Roads Pretty
Quite a few roads were in pretty bad conditions (though by far not as bad as what I encountered in Madagascar and other countries in Africa). (1049k)
Stylized Ganesha Cars Protector
This stylized Ganesha was on many cars as a protector. (538k)
Traffic Jam
Traffic jam. (995k)


Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus, german: Haushuhn, french: Poule domestique). (683k)
Domestic Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)
Domestic Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus, german: Stockente, french: Canard colvert) on the road in a local town. (846k)
Ducks Marked Colored Bands
Ducks were marked with colored bands to show who owns them. (932k)
Domesticated Goat (Capra hircus)
Feeding Domesticated Goat (Capra hircus, german: Hausziege, french: Chèvre). Goats where everywhere. They were the most ubiquitous livestock. (1230k)
Herding Goats
Herding goats. (765k)
Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries)
Suckling Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries, german: Hausschaf, french: Mouton). (1031k)
Cattle (Bos taurus)
Cattle (Bos taurus, german: Hausrind, french: Vache) on the road. (684k)
Asian Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Asian Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis, german: Wasserbüffel, french: Buffle d'Asie). They are not sacred, so they are used for meat. (765k)
Dog (Canis familiaris)
Dogs were everywhere (Canis familiaris, german: Haushund, french: Chien). The number of dogs in Nepal was astounding. (732k)
Puppies. (782k)
Boy Puppy
Boy with puppy. (793k)

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