There is some older architecture, some dating back 1000 years. One of the mostwell kmnown citizens was Copernicus, there are a lot of statues of him in Poland. Warsaw itself was completely destroyed in World War II.

The Historic Centre of Warsaw and the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork are a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Krzyztopór Castle Ujazd
Krzyztopór Castle in Ujazd. (325k)
Modern Church Somewhere South
Modern Church somewhere south of Warsaw. (221k)
Old Wooden Church Across
An old wooden church across the street from the modern church. What a difference. (435k)
Baranów Sandomierski Castle
Baranów Sandomierski Castle. (240k)
Statue Park Baranów Sandomierski
Statue in the park of Baranów Sandomierski Castle. (313k)
Street Old Town Warsaw
Street in the old town of Warsaw. (314k)
Fortification Around Old Town
Fortification around the old town in Warsaw. (258k)
House Only Remnant Pre-world
House with the only remnant from pre-World War II facade parts in the old city. (362k)
Warsaw Parliament
Warsaw Parliament. (234k)
Atlas-like Figure Buildings Newer
Atlas-like figure on one of the buildings in the newer parts of town. Such figures were on many buildings. (276k)
Atlas-like Figure Female
Atlas-like figure, this one is female. (260k)
Copernicus Statue Warsaw
Copernicus statue in Warsaw. (220k)
Warsaw Observatory Lazienki Park
Warsaw Observatory in the Lazienki park. (222k)
Scene Lazienki Park Warsaw
Scene in the Lazienki park in Warsaw. (308k)
Statue Lazienki Park Warsaw
Statue in the Lazienki park in Warsaw. (329k)
Fisherman Lake Next Białowieża
Fisherman on a lake in next to the Białowieża national park. (214k)
House Populated Storks Nest
A house with a populated storks nest on the chimney in Białowieża near the national park. (390k)
Beautiful Wooden House Białowieża
A beautiful wooden house in Białowieża. (327k)
Orthodox Church Hajnówka Eastern
Orthodox church in Hajnówka in eastern Poland near Białowieża. (144k)
Farm Northern Poland Obligatory
Farm in northern Poland with the obligatory storks nest. (239k)
Farm House Northern Poland
Farm house in northern Poland. The overhanging roof holds a hoist to lift hay up into the building. (322k)
Baroque Church Svieta Dating
Baroque Church in Svieta dating from 1687. (203k)
Copernicus Cathedral Frombork Baltic
Copernicus Cathedral in Frombork on the Baltic Sea. (292k)
Copernicus Statue Frombork
Copernicus statue in Frombork. (293k)
Copernicus Oak Frombork
Copernicus Oak in Frombork. (423k)
Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle. (241k)
Malbork Castle
Malbork Castle. (361k)
Romanesque Church Kruszwica 12th
Romanesque Church in Kruszwica from the 12th century. (351k)
Medieval Fortification Around Paczków
Medieval fortification around Paczków. (456k)
Fortress Church Paczków
Fortress Church in Paczków. (254k)
View Klodzko Fortress Hill
View of Klodzko from the fortress on the hill. (354k)
Fortress Above Klodzko World
Fortress above Klodzko with World War II guns. (432k)
Gothic Bridge 1390 Klodzko
Gothic Bridge from 1390 in Klodzko. (344k)
Country Road Lined Trees
Country road lined with trees. (397k)
Tiny Cars Everywhere Poland
This is one of these tiny cars that are everywhere in Poland, slowing down traffic. (289k)

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