I have put together a table with the probabilities to see various animals at the various locations that I visited. These probabilities are completely unscientific, personal guesses. But I based them on information from tour books, my guides at the various locations, my personal encounters of the various animals, and on what other tourists saw during the time I was there. In order to see what the probability will be if you stay more than one day in any of the places, select the number of days at the bottom of the table. The table will re-calculate itself.

There are some animals that I did not include in the table, because the chances to see them are basically zero. These are the Pygmy Rhinoceros, the Clouded Leopard and the Banteng, a wild bovid.

Probability to see various animals at the different sites
Species to see Sepilok
During feeding @ 10:00 & 15:00
Abai Sukau/Kinabatangan Lodge Danum Valley/Borneo Forest Lodge Tabin Wildlife Lodge
Pygmy Elephants
Proboscis Monkeys
Other monkeys

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