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People in România

Church Styles Somewhat Different
Church styles are somewhat different than in the other countries around. (245k)
Românian Village Streets Often
Românian village. Streets are often unpaved. And their life stock is often on the streets. (301k)
Example Common Cars România
An example of the most common cars in România, the Dacias. (320k)
Horse Cart Used Frequently
Horse Cart. They are used frequently. (260k)
Fieldwork Done Hand Horses
Much fieldwork is done by hand and with horses. (257k)
Even Harvesting Hay Done
Even harvesting hay is done by hand with a scythe. (300k)
Shepherd Sheep Dog
Shepherd with sheep dog. (300k)
Puszta Western Parts România
Puszta in the western parts of România, similar to Hungary. (149k)
Puszta Well Looks Like
Puszta well, it looks just like in Hungary. (112k)

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