Saint Martin is a small island, so there was not much to see.

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View Over Marigot Dutch
View over Marigot with the Dutch side in the background. (870k)
Closer View Marigot
Closer view of Marigot. (774k)
Picturesque Village Saint Martin
Picturesque village on Saint Martin. Hurricane damage is visible on several of the buildings. (843k)
Pic Paradis Highest Mountain
Pic Paradis, the highest mountain on Saint Martin at 424 m (1,391 ft) on the right. (965k)
View Eastern Parts Saint
View of the eastern parts of Saint Martin. (714k)
Fort Louis Over Marigot
Fort Louis, over Marigot, the main town of Saint Martin. (850k)
Close-up Fort Louis
Close-up of Fort Louis. (678k)
Inside Fort Louis
Inside of Fort Louis. (795k)
Canon Fort Louis
A canon in Fort Louis. (1029k)
Fort Close Marigot
Another fort close to Marigot. (694k)
Hurricane Damage
Hurricane damage. (1051k)
Hurricane Damage All Blue
Hurricane damage. All the blue areas are tarps that cover damaged roofs. (966k)
Market Marigot
Market in Marigot. (796k)
Lots Cars Had Broken
LOTS of cars had broken rear windows. It seemed almost 10% of the cars were damaged. I assume that this is damage from Hurricane Irma. (840k)

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