This page shows some pictures of people and miscellaneous other things from Tanzania.

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Local Tanzanian Village See
Local Tanzanian village. You can see the circular enclosure for the livestock to protect them overnight from predators. (815k)
Local Village
Local village. (787k)
Local Livestock
Local livestock. (667k)
Local Street Scene
Local street scene. (764k)
Pedestrians Area Significant Number
Pedestrians. In that area were a significant number of Muslim women on the road. (788k)
Pedestrians. (786k)
Side Street Arusha
Side street in Arusha. (1077k)
Pedestrian. (664k)
Pedestrian. (636k)
Pedestrian Carrying Load
Pedestrian carrying a load. (623k)
School Children Uniform
School children in uniform. (625k)
Performer Stilts
Performer on stilts. (600k)
Street Scene Arusha
Street scene in Arusha. (715k)
Street Scene Arusha
Street scene in Arusha. (719k)
Local Bar Arusha
Local bar in Arusha. (1130k)
Local Hair Dresser Arusha
Local hair dresser in Arusha. (605k)
Street Cleaning Arusha
Street cleaning in Arusha. (1108k)
Street Vendor Arusha
Street vendor in Arusha. (952k)
Maasai Village Ngorongoro Crater
Maasai village near Ngorongoro Crater. (616k)
Maasai Men Walking Serengeti
Maasai men walking through the Serengeti. (570k)
Strange Cloud Formation Flight
Strange cloud formation on the flight from Arusha to Kigali, Rwanda. The dark clouds were above the bright white clouds. I have no idea how that can be. (407k)
Acrobat Group Ngorongoro Serena
Acrobat group in the Ngorongoro Serena. (718k)
Somersaulting Acrobat
Somersaulting acrobat. (613k)
Acrobats. (644k)
Jumping Hoops
Jumping through hoops. (684k)
Contortionist. (670k)
Contortionist. (617k)
Balancing Acrobat
Balancing acrobat. (705k)
Balancing Acrobat
Balancing acrobat. (628k)

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