People in Togo were somewhat friendly. The biggest negative impression came from the corrupt border police that extorted money from us on three of the four border crossings. Traffic around the cities was heavy, the roads were in pretty bad shape.

The villages are very picturesque in the northern parts of Togo.

Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are some pictures:

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn, unless otherwise noted.


Women Typical Long Dresses
Women in typical long dresses. They carried their babies exclusively on their backs. I never saw a baby carriage. (858k)
Even Young Children Would
Even young children would sometimes carry their siblings. (1062k)
Woman Market
Woman in the market. (1004k)
Couple Village Children
A couple of village children. (1004k)
Smiling Young Lady
Smiling young lady. (921k)


Local Village
Local village. (759k)
Local Village
Local village. (946k)
Local Settlement Place Extended
Local settlement. This is a place for an extended family. The huts are clustered around a central court and don't have windows on the outside. They are connected by walls to keep intruders (both human and animal) out. (1157k)
Local Fortified House Houses
Local fortified house. These houses don't have outside windows, only small openings to shoot through. (835k)
Kitchen Located Stairs Top
The kitchen is located on the stairs to the top, about half way up. (465k)
View First Landing Door
This is a view of the first landing with the door to the stairs down in the back. (1026k)
Top Such House People
Top of such a house. People sleep either outside on the top, or in one of the rooms. (712k)
Storage Bin Top House
Storage bin on top of a house. They are covered with straw and have a straw lid. You reach them with the tree trunk stairs. (660k)
Free Standing Storage Bins
Free standing storage bins. (1005k)
Storage Platform Keep Stuff
Storage platform to keep stuff away from foraging animals. (1217k)
Mortar Pestle Pounding Manioc
Mortar and pestle for pounding manioc. (1354k)
Don't Know
I don't know what these are for. (1039k)
Right Next Cleanly Maintained
Right next to a cleanly maintained house and yard is a garbage dump. (1082k)
Street Scene Local Town
Street scene in local town. (747k)
Catholic Church
Catholic church. (688k)
Small Mosque
Small mosque. (746k)


Bad Road Conditions Even
Bad road conditions even in small towns. (715k)
Bad Road Conditions Paved
Bad road conditions on paved road. (722k)
North Lots Dirt Roads
In the north there were lots of dirt roads. (847k)
Lots Motorcycles
Lots of motorcycles. (715k)
Everywhere Africa Cars Loaded
As everywhere in Africa, cars are loaded to capacity (or more). (784k)
Loaded People Capacity
Loaded with people to capacity. (801k)
Traffic Along Coast Chaotic
Traffic along the coast was chaotic. (614k)
Along Coast Lot Construction
Along the coast was a lot of construction. (768k)

Everyday Life

Local Market
Local market. (875k)
Various Grains Sale
Various grains for sale. (1069k)
Market Scene
Market scene. (1131k)
Market Scene
Market scene. (1124k)
Chicken Sale Market
Chicken for sale in the market. (1008k)
Usual People Carry Stuff
As usual, people carry their stuff on their head. (1071k)
President Obama Always Very
President Obama was always very popular in Africa. (946k)
Buying Grain Market
Buying grain in the market. (1013k)
Roadside Vegetable Stand Vegetables
Roadside vegetable stand. Most of the vegetables are sold locally from such stands. (726k)
Charcoal Sale Along Road
Charcoal for sale along the road. (1204k)
Bush Meat Sale Saw
Bush meat for sale. I saw that frequently on this trip in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Mostly they were small antelopes called grass cutters. But some of them looked more like rats. (696k)
Paintings Sale Saw Fairly
Paintings for sale. I saw some fairly interesting looking paintings on this trip. (760k)
Brick Factory
Brick factory. (887k)
Pounding Manioc Use Mortar
Pounding manioc. They use a mortar made from a tree trunk and a big pole to vigorously pound the grain or cassava for quite a while to make a paste for fufu or banku. (750k)
Local Restaurant We Eating
Local restaurant. We were eating there, the guy on the left is my guide/driver Sam. (638k)
Advertising Hair Stylist Saw
Advertising for hair stylist. I saw these very frequently. (794k)
Bathing River
Bathing in the river. (910k)
Doing Laundry Local Brook
Doing laundry in the local brook. (1169k)
Laundry Dried Hanging Bushes
The laundry is dried by hanging it on some bushes next to the brook. (797k)
Garbage Right Next Market
Garbage right next to the market. Some areas were kept fairly clean, but there was always some garbage close by. (1046k)
Gold Gold Coast Digging
There is gold on the Gold Coast. They were digging for gold along the river. (963k)
Sign Encourage Vaccinations Saw
Sign to encourage vaccinations. I saw similar signs for HIV/AIDS prevention, and for prevention of spousal abuse. (581k)

Agriculture and Livestock

Coffee Bush
Coffee bush. (1353k)
Cassava (Manihot esculenta)
Cassava field (Manihot esculenta, german: Maniok, french: Manioc) before harvest. In the background are Coconut Palms (Cocos nucifera, german: Kokospalme, french: Cocotier). (960k)
Cassava Field After Harvest
Cassava field after harvest. (1191k)
Cotton Field
Cotton field. (848k)
Millet Field
Millet field. (995k)
Pineapple (Ananas comosus)
Pineapple (Ananas comosus, german: Ananas, french: Ananas). (1058k)
Banana. (1130k)
Plantain. (890k)
Tropical Pepper Dried Then
Tropical pepper. It is dried and then roasted. (1161k)
Cola Nut
Cola nut. (710k)
Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis, german: Kautschukbaum, french: Hévéa). They are not utilized in this area, but they are used in Ghana. (702k)
Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris)
Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris, german: Helmperlhuhn, french: Pintade de Numidie). (727k)
Goat. (987k)
Herd Cattle Blocking Our
Herd of cattle. They were blocking our way for 10 minutes while they crossed a bridge. (667k)
Dogs Around But All
There were dogs around, but not all that ubiquitous as in some other countries. (901k)

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