Güzelyurt has a pretty amazing underground city. I went down one level, then my claustrophobia took a hold and I had to get back out. You climb down through narrow shafts, with steps cut out of the walls.

There is also a nice rock-cut Byzantine church in Güzelyurt with nice ceiling paintings.

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View Rock Face Underground
View of the rock face with the underground city. (1123k)
Entrances Underground City
Entrances to the underground city. (1000k)
Rooms Underground City
In one of the rooms in the underground city. (620k)
Shaft Going Next Lower
A shaft going down to the next lower level in the underground city. (823k)
Age-worn Steps Leading Church
Age-worn steps leading up to the church. (712k)
Part Church Regular Building
Part of the church is regular building, most of it is cut into the rock. (1042k)
Inside Church
The inside of the church. (788k)
Ceiling Painting
Ceiling painting. (966k)

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