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Much of Turkey that I saw are small to mid size mountains, with lots of scenic valleys. There are two areas that deserve special mention: Pamukkale and Cappadocia (see below).

Typical Mid Size Mountains
Typical mid size mountains. (964k)
Higher Mountains Extend Above
The higher mountains extend above the tree line. (571k)
Scenic Gorge
Scenic gorge. (1101k)


Pamukkale is in a somewhat featureless area of the country. It is famous for its brilliant white Travertine Terraces. They are form by spring water that is saturated with Travertine. Unfortunately, most of the water is by now diverted into town for swimming pools. That means that there is not enough water flowing over the terraces. This lets algae grow on the terraces and they are starting to turn brown from their original white.

Hierapolis-Pamukkale are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Terraces Behind Roman Ruins
The terraces behind some Roman ruins. (754k)
Snow Rock
This is not snow, this is rock. (588k)
View Blindingly White Terraces
Another view of the blindingly white terraces. (856k)
See Areas Grass Growing
You can see some areas with grass growing on the terraces. No water is flowing over the terraces. (683k)
Grass Growing Strong Area
The grass is growing strong in this area of the terraces, because of lack of water flow. (565k)
Browngreen Color Due Algae
Brown/green color due to algae. (886k)


Cappadocia is famous for its sandstone formations. Here are some examples of this stunning landscape.

Landscape Cappadocia
Landscape in Cappadocia. (841k)
View Over Cappadocia Hot
View over Cappadocia from a Hot Air Balloon. (833k)
Hot Air Balloons Over
Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia. (593k)
Valley Called Love Valley
This valley is called Love Valley, seen from a balloon. (688k)
Love Valley Ground
Love Valley from the ground. (812k)
Area Similar Stone Formations
Another area with similar stone formations. (725k)
Stone Formations Love Valley
Stone formations in Love Valley. (708k)
Stone Formations Love Valley
Stone formations in Love Valley. (645k)
Stone Formations Göreme
Stone formations near Göreme. (750k)
Stone Formations Göreme
Stone formations near Göreme. (838k)
Stone Formations Göreme
Stone formations near Göreme. (760k)
Stone Formations Devrent Valley
Stone formations in Devrent Valley. (770k)
Stone Formations Devrent Valley
Stone formations in Devrent Valley. (843k)
Moonrise Over Cappadocia
Moonrise over Cappadocia. (416k)

Fauna and Flora

Wild plants were in many places dry-adapted spiny plants. I didn't see many animals (other than birds), just a few lizards and a turtle.

Dry-adapted Plant
Dry-adapted plant. (1425k)
Mullein (Verbascum sp.)
Mullein (Verbascum sp., german: Königskerzen, french: Molène:Genus). (1141k)
Yellow-spine Thistle (Picnomon acarna)
Yellow-spine Thistle (Picnomon acarna, french: Cirse acarna). (565k)
Golden Thistle (Scolymus sp.)
Golden Thistle (Scolymus sp., french: Scolyme). (702k)
Globe Thistle (Echinops sp.)
Globe Thistle (Echinops sp., german: Kugeldisteln). (529k)
Thistle. (487k)
Hollyhock (Alcea sp.)
Hollyhock (Alcea sp., german: Stockrosen). (1173k)
Caperbush (Capparis sicula)
Caperbush (Capparis sicula). (547k)
Southern Skimmer (Orthetrum brunneum)
Southern Skimmer (Orthetrum brunneum, german: Südlicher Blaupfeil, french: Orthétrum brun). I didn't see many dragonflies, in most places it was too dry. (404k)
Anatolian Rock Lizard (Anatololacerta anatolica)
Anatolian Rock Lizard (Anatololacerta anatolica, german: Nordwestanatolische Eidechse). Lizards were more plentiful, but even those were not that plentiful, with the many people walking around everywhere. (491k)
Greek Tortoise (Testudo graeca)
Greek Tortoise (Testudo graeca, german: Maurische Landschildkröte, french: Tortue grecque). (646k)
Asia Minor Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus xanthoprymnus)
Asia Minor Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus xanthoprymnus). This one was in Çatal Höyük. (761k)

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