Termessos was a Pisidian city, built on top of a mountain in a spectacular setting. Because of its location it was an impregnable fortress.

Alexander the Great tried to conquer this city in 333 BCE, but failed. The Romans in 70 BCE accepted the city as an independent ally, instead of a subject city.

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View Valley Termessos
View of the valley from Termessos. (939k)
City Wall
The city wall. (1332k)
Stone Sarcophagi Forest Around
Stone sarcophagi in the forest around Termessos. (1461k)
Stone Sarcophagus Inscription
Stone sarcophagus with inscription. (1177k)
Stone Sarcophagus Inscription
Stone sarcophagus with inscription. (1496k)
Stone Sarcophagus
Stone sarcophagus. (1002k)
Large Building
Large building. (1090k)
Upper Gymnasium
Upper Gymnasium. (1036k)
Cisterns. (1343k)
Getting Around Termessos Meant
Getting around Termessos meant negotiating areas like this one. (1153k)
Artemis-hadrian Temple
Artemis-Hadrian Temple. (1288k)
Rock-cut Tombs
Rock-cut tombs. (1234k)
Rock-cut Tomb
Rock-cut tomb. (1002k)
Artemis Temple
Artemis Temple. (1068k)
Zeus Temple
Zeus Temple. (1016k)
Inscribed Column Theater
Inscribed column near the Theater. (1108k)
Fine Stone Work
Fine stone work. (1142k)
Theater Spectacular Setting
The Theater in its spectacular setting. (863k)
View Theater Mountains Beyond
View of the Theater and the mountains beyond. (1033k)

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