Troy is one of the most famous sites in Turkey. It is by far not as spectacular as for instance Ephesus or Aphrodisias. But because of Homer's Iliad, most people have heard of Troy. Archaeological Site of Troy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Troy is very tricky to interpret. It is a series of at least nine cities, one on top of the other, dating back to 3000 BCE. The first people lived here in the Bronze Age. The cities called Troy I to Troy V (3000 BCE - 1700 BCE) had a similar culture. Troy VI had a different population. They were Indo-Europeans, related to Mycenaeans. They defended the Dardanelles, and therefore held the key to a prosperous trade with Greece.

Archaeologists still argue whether Troy VI or Troy VII was the Troy of King Priam that engaged in the Trojan War. Most believe that it was Troy VI, arguing that the earthquake that brought down the walls in 1250 BCE hastened the Achaean victory.

Troy VII lasted from 1250 BCE to 1000 BCE. The Achaeans may have burned the city in 1240 BCE. Invading Balkan people moved in around 1190 BCE, and Troy was not important for four centuries.

Troy was revived as a Greek city (Troy VIII, 700 BCE - 85 BCE), then a Roman city (Novum Ilium, Troy IX, 85 BCE - 500 CE). After that Troy did not amount to much, it disappeared after the 15th century.

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Re-creation Trojan Horse Entrance
A re-creation of the Trojan Horse near the entrance to Troy. (715k)
Large Clay Storage Vessel
Large clay storage vessel. (966k)
Clay Vessels Water Pipes
Clay vessels and water pipes. (807k)
East Wall Gate Tower
The east wall gate and tower of the city walls of Troy VI. (799k)
South Gate Troy Vi
The South Gate of Troy VI. (1349k)
Marble Column
Marble column. (876k)
Looking Over Troy Towards
Looking over Troy towards the plains around the mound of Troy. (991k)
Red Brick Walls Troy
Red brick walls of Troy II/III. (773k)
Schliemann's Trench Signs Pointing
Schliemann's trench with signs pointing out the different layers. (1160k)
Paved Road
Paved road. (1155k)
Sanctuary Troy Viii-ix Dug
Sanctuary of Troy VIII-IX. It was dug into layers of Troy VI-VII. (1247k)
Odeum Troy Ix
The Odeum of Troy IX. (1110k)
Remains Troy Ix
Remains of Troy IX. (1220k)

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