Here are some miscellaneous pictures of events in the USA.

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Lunar Eclipse 27 September 2015

On 27 September 2015 I watched a lunar eclipse in Scottsdale, AZ. Here are a few pictures of the event.

About Half Moon Eclipsed
About half of the moon is eclipsed. (421k)
More Than ¾ Moon
More than ¾ of the moon is eclipsed. (203k)
Almost Full Eclipse
Almost full eclipse. (272k)

Venus Transit 5 June 2012

From the 2012 transit of Venus entry in Wikipedia:

The 2012 transit of Venus, when the planet Venus appeared as a small, dark spot passing across the face of the Sun, began at 22:09 UTC on 5 June 2012, and finished at 04:49 UTC on 6 June. Depending on the position of the observer, the exact times varied by up to ±7 minutes. Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable celestial phenomena and occur in pairs. Consecutive transits per pair are spaced 8 years apart, and consecutive pairs occur more than a century apart: The previous transit of Venus took place on 8 June 2004 (preceded by transits on 9 December 1874 and 6 December 1882); the next pair of transits will occur on 10–11 December 2117 and December 2125 within the 22nd century.

In order to observe the transit, I built a Pinhole Projection Solar Telescope (PPST). All that is (despite the big name) is a small makeup mirror, with a mask covering it that has a hole of about 5 mm (0.2") diameter in the center. When you use the mirror to reflect the sun onto a distant screen, you get an image of the sun. The image is not very sharp, but it was plenty good enough to observe the Venus transit. I mounted the mirror onto a beach ball and sat the beach ball on a large soda bottle whose top was cut off. This allowed for easy pointing of the projected image of the sun and for easy following as the sun moved across the sky. I had set up the telescope outside of Clancy' Bar and Grill and projected the image of the sun inside onto one of the large TV screens. It worked beautifully, we followed the transit for more than an hour.

Pinhole Projection Solar Telescope
Pinhole Projection Solar Telescope (PPST). (745k)
Ppst Table Outside Clancy's
The PPST on a table outside of Clancy's. (757k)
Image Sun Venus Dark
The image of the sun with Venus as a dark dot. (505k)

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